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Exclusive Tantra Practitioner



Life is too short for bad sex & low confidence!

Do you want to attract that high-value relationship you’ve been desiring?


What if you could master your sexual energy, making you the king of your life?


I spark life back into people- I resurrect them.


Not only do women refer me to their men, but couples also seek me to deepen their intimacy.

You'll feel more alive with me than you've ever had.

My Presence is a haven, a space to surrender finally.

You'll go deep, rising from the ashes with insight that will change how you relate to your sexuality.

I'll remind you that life is a miracle and that it is your divine right to enjoy all the hedonistic pleasures of life. 

Are you ready to clear the blockages that keep you from:

*feeling small,

* w/ low confidence, * anxious around your sensuality,

* suffering from performing, * cumin too soon, or

*not knowing how to approach or

please, a woman?  


Are you ready to trust my skills & learn to become Sex God in bed?

My sessions help you become the MAN you’ve always wanted to be in the bedroom.

You will become the king of your life by learning to connect your heart to your lingam (penis), tap into your masculine power, and learn how to penetrate your partner’s energetic body.


These sessions are designed for sexual empowerment, giving you the tools to manifest what you desire and experience deep, connected relationships full of love & pleasure.


What is Tantra & Sacred Sexuality?

Sacred intimacy is an ancient shamanic art of healing and manifestation. Tantra is the Hindu practice of using life-force energy to achieve a higher level of consciousness. It is an art - a way of life. In my course,  you learn to recognize these energies within your body and, more importantly, how to harness them for maximum pleasure and ecstatic benefits. Spiritual sexuality and Tantra teach that our outer world reflects our inner world, and our inner world reflects our external world. Practicing sex magic and tantra leads to greater self-awareness, allowing you to bring more abundance and fulfillment into your life. 

What to expect in a session

Your first session is a sacred surrender to the divine feminine. In this session, I open a channel of goddess vibration, guiding you into a connection with your divine life force energy with unconditional love & security. Being present is very important.  I encourage you to let go of any attachments to an agenda or goal.


I use meditation, breathwork, soul gazing, massage, and erotic touch to guide energy for healing & manifestation. I intuitively weave these tantric practices to stimulate the rise of kundalini energy within your body, allowing you to relax into heightened awareness & presence.

*In the first session, I ask you to surrender completely to my touch and let go of any need to react or “make a move” to be fully present to the energies moving in your body.


During the first session, I ask that you refrain from reciprocated touch. This may be explored in further sessions if you are interested in learning.

I am ecstatic to announce that I now have an in-call temple space in Plano.  I am also happy to travel to you to complete the session in your residence or an upscale hotel for an additional stipend. I will bring the necessary supplies to create a temple space where you feel most comfortable.

*I do not provide complete tantric union, so please be respectful & do not ask.


Hi, I’m Inanna, an empathic Energy Therapist & Certified Tantric Bodyworker with over a decade of experience. I've travelled worldwide, empowering women, men & couples to experience better sex, deeper connections & live a more fulfilling life.

I've always carried a passion for sex, men, & the healing arts. I was a former pornstar that made it to Hustler, Playboy & AVN Awards.

I had the opportunity to work & travel with the biggest stars, celebrities& influential people worldwide. 


I thought I was on top of the world until a tantric awakening opened me to the sacredness & power of our sexual energy.

I have left the industry & dedicated the past 7 years to fully guiding men in discovering the power of their pleasure, sensuality, & enhanced intimacy so they can live a  life filled with happiness, longevity, aliveness, & passion

Coming from the industry, I know exactly what men need, desire, and are longing for. My experience guides you to new levels of depth, true intimacy, & pleasure.

Take my hand & escape on a blissful journey in mind, body, & spirit.

Allow me to guide you inward through my sweet, nurturing, robust, playful energy. 

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Are you ready to experience soul-activating orgasms?

If so, you need to connect to your empowered sacred sexuality.



Get ready for a multi-sensory experience, an artistic organic flowing of energies between us.  We will awaken new highs of pleasure that reverberate throughout your entire life. My approach combines all elements of the human experience in a sensual, educational, bliss-filled journey. I focus on unclogging & moving energy from inside the body, allowing you to think less, perform better, & give and receive more deeply.  

I am well-versed in the tantric realms. You will be guided into an exceptional & deeply satisfying full-body experience using devotional & delicious touches & practical tantric skills.

I value truth and transparency. I walk my talk. Im a catalyst for those ready to up-level & say yes to everything they've only dreamt of.




  • healing porn addiction, 

  • self-love & acceptance,

  • relationship challenges,

  • healing unresolved trauma,

  • sex education,

  • manifesting abundance using sex magic,

  • rewire negative conditioning around what it means to "be a man."

  • dealing with stress,

  • finding soul fulfillment

  • expanding your capacity to feel & express yourself

  • feeling sexually attractive & powerful

  • cultivating emotional vulnerability & intimacy

  • transforming shame, fear, and guilt into pleasure, power, and passion

  • developing trust & safety in your body & nervous system through my motherly love 

  • feeling confident in your ability to attract sexual partners

  • connecting to your body's sexual power

  • learning how to harness and use your sexual energy in the bedroom & beyond.

  • Discovering hidden pleasure & multiorgasmic potential   


             Longer sessions can allow us to connect deeper.
Reaching into profound & relaxed states will also provide me more time to understand your pleasure needs.


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Tantra Massage 


Your journey to freedom, power & confidence in the bedroom & beyond. It is a beautiful blend of sensual exploration, massage, erotic energy work, & intimate connection.

I offer a delicious and loving Tantric Massage. An experience that will touch your whole body, heart, & spirit.


Men release their armour around me & drop into the true unadulterated masculine they've longed to surrender to.


Allow my hands to dance with your body, touching your skin with the most loving intention and acceptance.

You may explore new heights of ecstasy and learn how to prolong your pleasure. I love to ride the waves with you, guiding you gently close to the edge and back, over and over again.

You will leave my temple feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, connected, loved, alive, and empowered to take on the world.

90 mins $700

120 mins $850

KINK $100 extra

Add ons & follow-ups
+ Learn Tantric Touch (guided reciprocation)
+ Prostate Massage
+ Sacred Waters Bath or Shower Ritual
+ Burning Desires Candle Wax Massage
+ Ecstatic Dance Ritual
+ Kundalini Activating Yoga
+ Sacred Surrender Sh
ibari Flow
+ Journey with Plant Medicine
+ KINK $100 extra
* I’d love to hear about your interests or desires BEFORE booking a session. Please be respectful of my boundaries should I gracefully decline.

Tantra Plus, VIP  Experience

This is like the tantra massage session but more physically mutual and intimate. A sharing of desires takes place. (Not FS)

60 mins $550

90 mins $800

120 mins $1,000

180 mins $1,300

Tantric Kink/Sensual Light Domination

Are you feeling kinky? Want to give your power over to a goddess? Have a fantasy or kink you want to explore? Tell me more about your desires in your intake form, and I will see if I can accommodate your request.


60 mins $600

90 mins $850

120 mins $1,150

Tantric Pleasure for Couples

Tantra for couples will guide you & your partner into a deeper union allowing you to discover intimacy in a new & sensual way. This will support the growth of your relationship into higher dimensions.


In the sessions, men learn how to access their true sexual power manifesting the relationships they’ve always wanted. Women will be invited to access their deep feminine essence, discovering new ways to express their Goddess potential. Exploring each other’s bodies in new ways with increased clarity will transform lives with your partner into an ongoing dance of desire, sensuality & love. 

Learn to Deepen your connection to yourself & your partner through the art of touch and the power of LOVE.

90 mins $1,500

120 mins $1,750

180 mins $2,350

Tantra Plus for Couples

This is like the tantra massage session, but you can express sensuality to each other and engage with one another while enjoying your love being witnessed. (Not FS)

90 mins $1,850

120 mins $2,300

180 mins $2,450



Double Goddess Tantric Session

Join me and my sister  Yuliarose (IG: in an unforgettable experience as we take you on a journey of the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire& Air & Ether. You will be activated, caressed, seen, and worshiped like a king. Your body receiving touch in more than two places expands your brain into ecstatic pleasure.


You may experience full-body orgasmic energy, a feeling of connectedness, openness, and orgasm like never before.

I recommend 90 to 120 minutes for first-timers
 and those wanting to dive deep. It allows both of us to dive in and connect deeper.


-Deeper relaxation

-Improved circulation

-Increased energy flow

-Enhanced sensory awareness

-Greater body awareness

-Improved sleep

-Emotional Release

-Experience heighten states of pleasure consciousness

-Deeper Healing

-Healing the mother's wound of abandonment, absence or abuse

-Increased pleasure


-Out-of-body potential 

60 mins $850

90 mins $1,300

120 mins $1,600

Tantra Plus

For those that are ready to open up & receive profound feminine energy 

60 mins $1,000

90 mins $1,500

120 mins $1,800

VIP + Day Tantric Journey 

This is the session for you if you want a profoundly nourishing reset to your whole system.

*FMTY available

*We will have a call first so I can craft a custom experience for you



Luxury Tantric Immersion 

Dive Deep Custom Retreats

Dates & location to be collaborated

1:1 intimacy experience with INNANA (option for couples)
You are invited to join me in a sacred container to explore spiritual intimacy and sacred sexuality. 1-3 days of physical, emotional, and spiritual connection to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. I organize stunning lodging, transportation, food, and a stimulating itinerary, so all you have to do is show up and surrender to transformation.

If you are ready to truly luxuriate and receive nurturing care and attention, gift yourself a whole weekend with me or us in service to you, embodying your pleasure and power.

*FMTY available

*Retreat created for you 

*We will have a call first so I can craft a custom experience for you.

**All-inclusive custom retreats start at $10,000, with add-ons for longer retreats & premium locations.


Take your Tantric session to the next level with a double pleasure experience with...


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In calls are in Plano, Texas

I have a beautiful Temple, with Shower. 

Outcalls are available and must be for a 120 minutes Tantra Plus appointment.

Please send me ONLY TEXT MESSAGE

@ 442-273-0346:

1)  Name

2) A short bio about yourself

3) Previous experience/interest w/Tantra

4) Date/Time you'd like to book

5) References

Our session is booked and completed once our 15 min call & deposit are completed.

Please get to know me more & stay connected through my IG.

I do not provide openly or secretly.

ANY SEXUAL SERVICES. No sexual practices like kissing, oral sex, or sexual intercourse are part of tantra massage. 

Requests for these will get you permanently blocked.


"The way you relate to your sexuality is the way you relate to every other facet of your life"

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