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Offerings are non-negotiable

  • Please present your donation in an envelope upon your arrival at the altar. In public meetings place it in a gift card, book, or gift.

  • As a high-value busy woman, it is very important that you arrive on time (not early or late) for our journey.

  • We practice excellent hygiene and expect you to do the same. A shower is available.

  • I accept donations for my time, advice, and companionship only. 

  • Cancellation Policy:

     48 hours in advance to apply your deposit to a rescheduled booking within the next 3 months. Cancelations within 48 hours require a 50% cancelation fee.

  • We are based on discretion. Nobody will even know that you are using the services of our salon nor about what were you talking about during the massage.

  • I do not provide openly nor secretly ANY SEXUAL SERVICES. No sexual practices like kissing, oral sex, or sexual intercourse are part of tantra massage. 

  • Tantra massage is an unattainable way to relax. During it, no performance is expected from you so there is no reason to drink alcohol or use any supporting tool before. 


I screen all clients with at least a $50 deposit

Employment/Identity Verification, Linkedin, meeting In person or Provider References.

Either way, rest assured, that your information is safe & secure.

I  sign NDA for celebrity clients.

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